1980 3:rd October my parents and I went to Landvetter outside Gothenburg to pick up my first own dog, which I had been promised since 4 years of age.
A promise that I under the years didn’t forget, to my parent big surprise!
It was then the IRISH RED SETTER came to our family, represented of Citadel’s Queen-It (Citadel’s Nicolai – Citadel’s Duschka), born 28th of July 1980 and breed by Vivianne Nyvall.
The same year Monika & Åke Andersson, kennel COPPERNOB, imported from England, Cornevon Crown Princess, Janice. Monica contacted me because we had puppies at the same age. And that was the way every thing started.
1981 Queen-It & Janice entered in January for their first show, Janice won and Queen-It was placed 3:rd of 3 entered.
Later in 1981, Irish setter Association of Sweden, local area of Uppsala was started on initiative from Monika Andersson. It was then I meet Maria Rask-Zillén and with her the Irish setters Robin and Chesterton Kilroy (Wendover Jarvis-Chesterton Anjou Bisset). Kilroy was an astonished dog with a gorgeous personality, fantastic coat and lots of charm. You couldn’t help falling in love with that dog !
In the autumn Kilroys first litter was born with Ingela Thisens foundation bitch on kennel Gaerlic, Bolands Bonnie Bee. In that litter was Bee-Naoise, Bee-Nemorino, Bee-Nicolette and Bee-Nobilise born.
1982 In the beginning of the year Elinor & Kjell Kårström, kennel Cherokee had two litters after Kilroy.
The bitches was Red Tails Dancing Queen and Red Tails Funny Girl. After seen these tree litters after Kilroy and knowing Ingela was going to do a repeat mating with Kilroy-Bonnie I decide to book a bitch puppy. So the 3:rd October Gaerlic Bee-Melanie, Emmie came home to our family.
Maria Rask-Zillén picked at the same time the brother Gaerlic Bee-Maroof, Fame. In that litter was also Gaerlic Bee-Maximilian, Matti and Gaerlic Bee-Meryl, Mirran, born.
1986 Emmie was mated with Maud Rahmns, Buccaneer Of Clonageera, Simon ( GBShCh Jason Of Andana Of Clonageera-Clonageera Harmoney). One of the dog puppies who was born was A Buccaneerson, called Harry, he lived with my parent until he was 13 years old. The sister A Taste Of Honey, was sold to Karin Dyrbäck and was the foundation bitch on her kennel Honeygarden. Their brother A Mothers Pride was sold to the family Erlandsson and 1995 he was mated to Danaway Dana, owner Sinnika Thåg, kennel Danamoor.
1988 Emmie wins her first Premie on a clubshow in Karlstad judge was Mrs Chris Ballintyne, England.
1989 In the spring Emmie takes her second premie on a club show, judge was Mr David Butler, England and later on that summer she take her third and last premie for the judge Ruth Ellis, England. She ends the day to be BOB. This year Emmie was 2:nd best Irish on our club list.
1992 I start as “partner” at the kennel Gaerlic, The affix as Ingela Thisen started 1983; the affix Gaerlic was put on my litter with Emmie and Simon.
1993 I brought East Meadows A Lassie To Gaerlic (Buccaneer of Clonageera-Bolands Kathrine Of Aragon), Tösen from Ulf-Peter Peterson and Lena Fosselius-Peterson. That litter will later on seem to be the last litter Simon produces.
1995 Tösen was the top winning Junior/youngster bitch of the year.
1996 In March we where four girls with dogs travelling down to Luxembourg for the European Winner Show.
I was there I saw Norcroft Palmerston ( Harvey Of The Hunters Home-Crimbledale Hello Dolly) for the first time. In the end of May we took a trip to The Netherlands Club show and then I took the final decision to use Palmerston. So, in August we went to Belgium and mated Tösen with Palmerston, the result came out the 7th of October.

10 puppies were born 4 dogs and 6 bitches. Of these I keep for my self,
Gaerlic Brown Girl In The Ring, Jänta

Gaerlic Boogie Woogie At Dubliner, Higgins moves to family Ronnie & Ann Paleski, kennel Dubliner. He has under the years been used on some bitches with a very good result.

Gaerlic Belle Of The Ball, was sold to Ann Lindholm and had under the spring of 1999 a litter on the Dubliner kennel with the Belgian dog Umber Of Kyntire (Explosion Of The Honters Home- Titiandale Funny Face).

Lisbeth Häljesgård, kennel Red Pheasants brought Gaerlic Burning Sensation.Molly are waiting puppies in the beginning of August (2000) with Eel Garden’s Trick Or Treat (Fearnley Fire Monarch-Eel Gardens Pearls of Passion)

The others in the litter are G Beware Of The Monster, G Brave As A Lion, Alfons, G Businessman, G Best Wishes, G Bye Bye Butterfly and G Blithe And Happy.

1998 Together with Anna Moneus Wockelberg imports from England the dog puppy Tarodene Final Frontier (GBShCh Konakakela Zagar By Romarne-GBShCh Reddins Myrna).
I end the partnership work and leave the GAERLIC affix, I wish Ingela all the best luck in the future with her Portgishian waterdogs.

1999 I register my new kennel affix at the Swedish Kennelclub, RIVERDENE
Tösen are mated to Honeygardens Duke Of Dublin, who is a grandgrandchild to my Emmie. Four dogs and tree bitches are born the 27th of April. I keep together with Sinnika Thåg, kennel Danamoor, Julia, Riverdene Cabernet Sauvignon.

Under the summer Jänta won Best In Show at three club shows, ISF Avesta, Maud Rham, ISF Eksjö, Karen Richardson, England and the last ISF Sundsvall, Judy Frampthon, England. Higgins have also been shown and won two BOS.
This is also the year when we got the DNA-test for CLAD, Tösen is tested and free. And that makes both her litters with Norcroft Palmerston and Honeygardens Duke Of Dublin, Clad-free.
Jänta was 5th on the show list and 4th top winning Irish at our Club list.

2000 On ISF Östras show in May, Tösen was best bitch and BOB, 2:nd best bitch was her daughter Gaerlic Brown Girl in The Ring, Jänta. BOS was her grandson Dubliner First Impression (Gaerlic Boogie Woogie At Dubliner-Dark Auburn’s En Kiwi I Dublin) breeder and owner Ann Paleski. Also Julia, Riverdene Cabernet Sauvignon won the juniorclass with CK. It was a fantastic day, the judge was Marga Roks, kennel Of the Hunters Home, Holland.
In middle of June Jänta and I went to a kennelclub show, judging was Sue Oakley, England. Jänta was BOB and 3:rd in the Gundog group. The week en after we went to Holland and there Clubshow. Jänta won the Fokkerclass end ended up as Reserve best bitch, beaten by Jean and Rita Struiff-DeGrofs lovely bitch Lordly Up To Date. Judge was David Laidlaw, Scotland.
In the beginning of July, Sinnika Thåg and I went to Åland, Finland and picked up a dog puppy from Carina Eriksson, kennel Ashrims. His named is Ashrims Coq Rouge “Hamilton” (Gaerlic Boogie Woogie At Dubliner-Ashrims Amber Pimpernell).

Hamilton did his debut at a club show in Gothenburg and became Bis-2 puppy.

At the Circuit show (Clubshow) in October Mrs Sue Morris judge bitches and Miss Debbie Fryer, dogs. Dark Auburns Fun In Dublin (G Boogie Woodie at Dubliner-Dubliner A Rosehip to Dark Auburn) was best bitch, 2nd and winning the premie class did Gaerlic Brown Girl In The Ring.
The premie and 2nd best dog was Dubliner First Impression “Henric”.

The last show of the year is a Kennelclub show in Stockholm, there Julia
( Riverdene Carbenet Sauvignon) end up as 5th best bitch.

2001 We started to show in May the two-day clubshow at Härjarö.
On the first day Mr Wilco Jansen, Holland was judging,
BIS puppy was Red Pheasant’s Amazing Grace (Eel Gardens Trick or Treat – Gaerlic Burning Sensation). Winning the open II class was, Gaerlic Blithe And Happy, she also won the premie and ended up as 2nd best bitch. Beating her sister Gaerlic Brown Girl In The Ring who become 5th best bitch.
East Meadows A Lassie To Gaerlic won the senior class and went BOB-senior

Day two Mrs Julie Wilkins, England was judging. This day Gaerlic Blithe and Happy was 2nd in her class like her sister G Brown Girl In The Ring was 2nd in the premie class. Winning the Senior class and B.O.B-senior was East Meadows A Lassie To Gaerlic. She was also placed 4th best bitch, just beaten of her daughter
G Brown Girl In The Ring who was 3rd best bitch. Best bitch and B.O.S was a daughter to Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at Dubliner, Outbreakers Straight From My Heart.

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